Eurasian BullFinch - Lightwave

Eurasian BullFinch - Lightwave


Eurasian Bullfinch

Rigged and Animated for Lightwave 8.5 and up

The feathers are geometry so they render fast and no plugins are needed.

This model comes with several pre-animated scenes to get you started.

The wings are animated using the 3 bones within each. The wings are folded using one of several morph targets.

You can also make adjustments, like spreading the wing tip feathers and spreading the tail using morph targets.


The main controlling object is the "ROOT" bone

“EABF-ZERO.lws' is the name given to my BASIC set up, no animation, but it is rigged.

I have provided several scene files to get you started:

The feet and legs are controlled by "LT-Foot" and "RT-Foot" respectively.

There are two 'neck' bones, a 'head' bone and a 'lower beak' bone.

There are 18 Morph targets.

The 'Mouth' and phonemes are controlled by 9 Morph targets located when you select the mesh and go to "Object" => "Properties" => "Deform".

The wings are controlled by 3 bones each
and have 5 Morph positions, including flapping and folded positions


The Tail spread is controlled via Morph target “TailClosed”, the Tail bone controls position and rotation.

The eyes have several morph targets:

The toes are controlled by 12 bones on each foot.

To fold the wings use the morphs noted above.

But if you have positioned the wings by moving the bones, AND you try to use morph targets to fold them, you WILL have some pretty weird distortions that will freak you out.

Don't panic, the solution is to 'zero' out your wing bone positions, as or just before you apply the 'Morph' targets.


The model is made hi resolution by using Sub-Patching, so the actual geometry is much less than the rendered geometry.


Eurasian Bullfinch:
Real Geometry:
18716 vertices
12919 polygons

the maps are RGB or greyscale, 72dpi and 200dpi, 2666px X 2666px


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